How do I manage my organization's information?

As a Charity Administrator, you have the ability to add and edit your organization's information. This includes the organization's name, images, social media links, and more. To access these privileges, do the following:

1. From your homepage, click your name in the upper right hand corner. A drop down menu will appear. Your organizations will be listed under the Manage your organizations section of the menu. Click the organization whose information you would like to update.



2. From your organization's page, hover over the Account tab. A drop down menu will appear with the following options:



Account Details

Edit the name and email address of your organization's CEO, the organization's Display Name, Mailing Address, Mission, Information Number, Information Email, and Website Address by adding or editing the content in the corresponding text boxes. After making any changes, be sure to click Update Organization Details at the bottom of the page. 



View and manage the Charity Administrators of your organization. They will be listed on the right side of the page under the Current Administrators section.

Add a new Charity Administrator by searching for their name in search bar found within the Invite Administrator box.

Click the Revoke admin rights button to take away Charity Administrator privileges from a user.



Bank Information

Edit the Routing Number, Bank Name, Account Number, Checking Account, and the Name on Account/Acceptable Payee. Be sure to click Update Bank Information to save your information.




This section lists the geographical locations you serve, which helps us to match you with donors and volunteers who are seeking opportunities in that area. Add a location by typing the city name and state or zip code into the Select the location text box. You also have the option of adding a brief description of the location. Click Add to add the location to your list.

You will see the list of your locations on the page directly above the map. Click the square blue pencil button to edit a specific location's details. To remove a location, click the square red X button.


Complete your compliance in this section. If you do not agree to the terms listed, click the corresponding button.



Your organization's contacts will be listed on this page. You can add contacts by filling out the fields in the Add a Contact section, then clicking the Add button.

Edit the details of a specific contact by clicking the square blue pencil button, or remove a contact by clicking the square red X button.



Image Gallery

Manage your organization's Icon, Header, and any additional images.




Manage your organization's programs. Existing programs will be listed on the page. Add new organizations by filling out the fields under the Add a Program section, then click the Add button.



Social Links

Manage your organizations social links. Select the type of social platform from the Type drop down menu. Add a name and a link to the page, then click Add. All of your social links will be listed on this page and can be edited or deleted at any time.



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